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This is the official website of the Aguska short film from Fact Not Fiction Films. Aguska is currently in post production. Here you can support the production of the film, become part of the journey, learn about the cast and crew, and much more.

Starring Simon Callow and featuring 'Aguska' - Five times world freestyle football champion and Guinness World Record Holder.

Music by Chumbawamba    

Release is due in Summer 2024   

Coming soon

Aguska Film Clapper Board
Soccer Ball On Grass Pitch


AGUSKA is a Fact Not Fiction Films production. Since their creation in 2006, Fact Not Fiction Films have made a large number of captivating documentaries and public awareness short films. Their short films have helped increase awareness of issues like dementia, mental health in young adults, PTSD in the military and lobular breast cancer.

AGUSKA is their latest ambitious short film to primarily raise awareness of bullying in sport.

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